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Kingsthorpe Parish Council has a Councillor vacancy in Obelisk Ward to be filled by co-option

For further information, or to obtain an application form, please call 01604 979460 or email

Applications must be received by 12noon on WEDNESDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER 2022

All responses will be reviewed by the Council at its meeting on Wednesday 21st September 2022

All applicants will be invited to this meeting to speak briefly and to answer any questions from the Council

Kingsthorpe Ward

Obelisk Ward

Spring Park Ward

St Davids Ward

Sunnyside Ward

Local Elected Representatives

West Northamptonshire Council

Kingsthorpe North

Cllr Sam Rumens
Cllr Michael Brown
Cllr Mohammed Aziz

More information can be found here

Kingsthorpe South

Cllr Sally Beardsworth
Cllr Cheryl Hawes
Cllr Harry Michael Patrick Barrett

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Member of Parliament

Michael Ellis MP

House of Commons

Phone: 020 7219 7220


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